#3 The facts about training in water for football players (twfp)


Jumping Ability

TWFP does not improve nor decrease the player’s jumping ability.

Speed of running

TWFP does not improve nor decrease the running speed of a football players.

Muscle tonus

In the planned weekly frequency, volume, duration and intensity of TWFP, does not adversely affect muslce tone, the abilitys and the games of the football player.


Bones and joints (B & J)

In the planned weekly frequency, volume, duration and intensity of TWFP, a positive effect is achieved on the strengthening of B&J and there is no softening and weakening of B&J.


TWFP positively affects ALL types of endurance (aerodbic, anaerobic, cardio-vascular, muscular, endocrine, immune, !Especially respiratory and CNS!).


Running decreases the air resistance, while the water is 12-15 times denser than the air. Cyclically swimming, i.e. by overcoming the resistance, we strengthen muscles evenly without burdening of the skeleton. However, here we are not talking just about conditioning through swimming, but also about gaining strength and fitness through a completely innovative approach to water training that we need to gradually come to – that is the key!

Other benefits of swimming:

Swimming enhances elasticity, improves heart health, regulates body weight, reduces symptoms of asthma, reduces cholestrelor and blood pressure, reduces the risk of diabetes, relieves stress, improves the sense of happiness and satisfaction, raises energy, improves sleep, prolongs life!

Soccer Ball

The above-mentioned facts are scientifically prover and they break taboos and delusions that can be seen as counter-arguments for the conduct of training in water for athletes of land sports.

Trophies are made by coaches and players with character and charisma (they are capable of turning over matches and competitions for the benefit of their teams), and innovative Training in Water for Football Players is a powerful tool for building player’s characters.