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“I believe that all clubs that follow new methods and trends in football, and have enough financial opportunities, should seriously review this concept and apply it in their environments. Predrag’s concept is very interesting and expertly explained. As someone who follows innovations in football, I believe that training in water for football players has a bright future”

Branko ČAVIĆ, a football coach with the UEFA A licence

*First coach of Nemanja Vidić (FK Jedinstvo putevi Užice)
*Worked in Kazakhstan and Slovenia (FK rudar Velenje)
*Trained the younger categories of FC Red Star Belgrade
*Instructor in FAS and FAB (use of information resources in modern football)
*Currently the youth coach of OFK Belgrade

*FAS: Football Association of Serbia & FAB: Football Association of Belgrade

Soccer Ball

“With Predrag, the biggest fanatic for training, i grew up playing water polo. At that time, we liked to play football with promising football players, and here we would show the advantages that Predrag mentioned in his presentation. I continued to work in FC Bežanija from Belgrade and on this occasion i want to thank Predrag for the trainings he did at the pool with our youth and cadets. Its concept will be a great advantage for ambitious teams and individuals.”

Aleksandar BAKIĆ, fitness coach in football with the UEFA A licence

*Sports director of FC Bežanije from Belgrade
*Fitness coach of the younger categories of FC Bežanija from Belgrade