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#7 My story – how it started


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MY IDEA is based on personal experience I’ve been playing water polo and football at the same time for years . During that period I’ve often played football with professional football players and i realized my SUPERIORITY in relation to them. This trait (superiority) was shown through strength/stamina in duels, better endurance in a constantly intensive run (without more fatigue), and a better mentality. The football players were much more skilled in terms of technique tactics, and jump, but as i stated, not in terms of physical fitness and psychological readiness. I continued to follow and study this phenomenon to this day.

Today, as a passionate football fan, a former water polo player, now i am experienced and educated water polo coach, I’m looking for an ambitious football Club / Academy / Federation / Player whose success and development would be driven by my powerful training in water. Training in water is ADAPTED to be a REGULAR ADDITIONAL METHOD OF TRAINING FOR FOOTBALL PLAYERS and contribute to conditioning, recovery, rehabilitation, injury prevention, and psychological preparation. They are designed in accordance with laws of sports training, metabolic processes in the organism, and the locomotor system. The top form gained in water has a very positive impact on man’s abilities on land – ! WATER IS THE POWER ! Moreover, it is widely known that the use of elemnts of other sports – as part of the training of primary sports, contributes to the athletes being far more willing and more successful at the competitions (for example, some elements of martial arts are practiced during water polo training).

I am dedicated for a long time to studying and creating all of the afore mentioned types of Training in the water for football players so that they can be maximally efficient, fun and keep the players’ attention. In this light, I also designed the best possible dimensions of the swimming pool so that the trainings and the construction (with the accompanying infrastructure) can be the most rational. This does not discredit existing swimming pools though.

Searching and reading on the internet all possible articles on the topic of “fitness training in water for football players and other land sports” I  have neither read nor seen any professional application or explanation, but only simple and casual training in water. For this reason, I’ve prepared a lot of video materials (exercises in water for football players), among which the most powerful video was created during my occasional work with younger categories of one Belgrade’s football club. Of course, the most important thing in this training is to provide additional value to the psycho-physical preparation of the football player, and thus justify its application.

For example, it is widely known that after 60 minutes of play, players tend to lose concentration, strength, and rhythm, and in those moments, Training in the water for football players would bring about the physical and mental superiority against the rival, with better decision-making and greater confidence. A significant benefit is the improvement of physiological respiratory adaptation in competitive loads under moisture conditions (air, rain, snow) with greater strength and easier movement in the field (the effect of fitness training in the water with loads).

Communicating on the subject of football with many coaches and experts in the field of sports medicine, psychology, and science, we would conclude that the most space for football development in a psychological field. My university professors, prominent fitness coaches and sports psychologists who have worked with football players playing in the National team confirmed this thesis of mine during my studies (College of Sports and Health).

Soccer Ball

In order for this type of training to be the most useful, it should be introduced in stages. The first part of the conditioning process would require a regular and optimal training of swimming styles so that the later part, conditioning in water for football players, could achieve its full capacity. Recovery, rehabilitation, and psychological preparation can genereally be done in full measure. Training in water should be introduced from the youngest selections so that in the senior age this training becomes a routine and an important factor in getting into shape and maintaining the sports form. This way, players who apply this training systematically on a long term basis are in general, functionally more advanced than players who do not have such a developmental model of training.

The control of the ffect of training in water will be best seen through the values of aerobic ability, i.e. maximum oxygen consumption (VO2MAX), the preventive effect on reducing the number / frequency / severity of injuries, increased amplitude of movement / stretching of the muscles in the joints (preferably in the hip join), better and faster recovery after matches and difficult training better psychological state and attitude towards work (football), stress level, anxiety level, subjective feeling of muscle and joint pain, accelerated and better rehabilitation process after injuries, etc.

My Protocol Approaches the Player for Success in training in Water for Athletes of Land Sports (TWALS):

Crucial to the coach – the secret to success

In addition to a variety of diagnostic, with the “Human” – comprehensive approach, we get to know our athlete in order to adapt him psycho-physically and sociologically to the challenges during his career in which we expect our athlete to provide the most optimal solutions/games at certain moments. In this connection, we must at all times be aware that a man is a combination of his mind, body, and spirit – these three components must be “nourished” and maintained optimally on a regular basis. Also important are: Knowledge, Personality, Character, Intelligence, and Coach Charisma.

“Feats in life / sports should be measured by the number of people you have helped to realize themselves”

Soccer Ball

Contact This concept, as my original product, has been the result of my thoughts, learning, research, experience, preparation, and great desire to specifically embark on the project that i believe in and will certainly be of great importance in the training of land sports, in the future. The initial start of this concept will be in 2020.

Of course as the creator of this concept i believe that i have competencies and charisma to launch and present this project which will highly contribute to the future shape of land sports training.

Your Club / Academy / Federation / Player has the opportunity to be a prominent promoter of Training in the water for Football Players, the new powerful training method in the world of football and land sports.

!My ambitions are your best results!

If you recognize the opportunity to improve the physical fitness/condition and psychological status of your players, don’t hesitate to contact me via phone, email, or any of the available apps.

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Water polo is the most trophy sport in the Republic of Serbia, and its men’s national team is one of the best in the world (current Olympic champions), with the best school and coaches.