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Functions of the thraining IN WATER for football players are as follows:


It is applied as the last part of the main training or as a whole separate training. Training is in the Pool, in the sea and sometimes exercises on land! It prevents joint and soft tissue injuries!

Recovery training

It is applied as a final part of the training or as a whole separate training, in the Pool or in the sea. Moreover, it is more acceptrable for players in comparison with ice baths – which they do not like so much, with all due regard to the effects of both approaches. Another advantage is that thanks to a more relaxed and entertaining atmosphere  (preferably with music), the players have the opportunity to communicate with each other, which is again very important for fostering team spirit and contributing to better communication on the field during competitions.

Rehabilitation training

Full training in the Pool or in the sea. It’s good for better movement control during intense/doses efforts.

Psychological preparation

Working in the atypical environment for a person – water, combined with selected exercises and directed communication, is a great basis for the trainer to pass the desired and motivating lessons to the players. Incorrect communication and interpretation of work in the water can lead to repulsion and even demoralization of players, and the goal is completely the opposite, i.e. improving and maintaining self-confidence, intellect, spiritual and emotional status.

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In collaboration with your professional team:

Head coach and fitness trainer define a task, WHEN and WHAT should be improved, and water polo / swimming coach determines/doses HOW and HOW MUCH to do in the water in order to fulfill the task.

In addition to First teams, training in water should be mandatory for all younger categories (especially due to the development of the anaerobic threshold and VOMax). Your matches and precious time spent on training will give you the new quality, emotion, and passion, and your players would be pleased and highly motivated with interesting and efficient training.


Recommended requirements for the POOL – MINE OF FITNESS, for a minimum of 22 players

16-25m length, 10-15m width, 1-1.3m depth, water temperature (preferably salted) 27-29  ̊C, for recovery needs even lower!

The introduction of fitness/condition training in water for football players represents a strategic investment in the sports form of players in order to achieve the best results

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