Athlete swimming

#5 Organization of training in water for football players

Benefits: Excellent physical fitness, better performance of football exercises and tasts, better injury prevention, greater motivation for work and self-confidence, better mental health, better recovery, and rehabilitation.

Workout plan schematics

*FITNESS – The last part of main training OR as a whole separate training. Training is in the Pool, in the sea and sometimes with exercises on land.
*RECOVERY – A final part of the training or a whole separate training. In the Pool or in the sea.
*Rehabilitation – Full training in the Pool or in the sea.

  • Training in water lasts up to 45 minutes / 1 time per day (for rehabilitation purposes, it can be organized 2 times per day).
  • During the preparation period, training in water can be applied every day.
  • The assessment of the sports form will be measured based on established, land / laboratory testing, and matches.
  • Testing in the water does not give exact results for the players, because training in water is a tool for football purposes, where results are actually expected!
Soccer Ball

* Please note: Development of motivation, self-confidence, and psychological preparation is done from the very beginning of dealing with sports (adapted to the sensible age of growing up) in order to maintain high performance at the senior level and to achieve the maximum of the above components.