Fit swimmer


* 2015 – 2019             RESEARCH, FITNESS COACH IN FOOTBALL

Diagnostics: Assessment of swimming knowledge, BMI, FMS, VO2max, MHR, RHR, HRR and determination of individual intensity by HR.
Training in Water: Conditioning, Psychological Preparation, Recovery, and Injury Prevention.
Education: Personality development through educational conversations and movies.

The research done so far and the results of the work (based on modest samples) are very encouraging and give me positive answers. In my last preparations in Bulgaria (with one Belgrade’s football club, February 2019), I have worked with 50 guys in two groups, ages 15 to 19, where players and their coaches saw the power of a new approach to training that was constantly accompanied by adequate diagnostics. Just one of these nineteen-year-old football players, with their challenging dimensions (young, 2.00m high central striker), during 6 months of focused training, has improved his performance in terms of physical (better movement, higher endurance and high intensity of play) and mental fitness (high motivation, concentration, stability and combativeness during the game), with exact confirmation on tests and matches.

Team picture